We are TWO!

24 Dec 2015, Thursday
The first cat cafe in Singapore turns TWO on Christmas Day 2015! Over the last two years, we have proven that we are not just a cat cafe, but also a platform to encourage adoption and responsible cat ownership, improve the quality of cat care through our workshops as well as give back to community cats. As a socially-focused business, we look forward to your support so that we can continue our cause. 
Team NekonoNiwa is made up of 9 dedicated individuals who love our resident cats dearly. While all 13 cats are equally loved by our long-serving team members, everyone has their own favourite cat. It suggests that cats have very distinct personalities that appeal to us individually. Here is a peek into those special bonds that have been forged over time: 
File 24-12-15 6 10 14 pm
Skittles & Wan Yee (2 yrs)
Skittles was the first cat to ever sit on my lap and stole my heart ever since. I absolutely love how much character she has, demanding for attention as and when she wants with the sweetest meow ever. Skittles would normally be at the service window waiting for pats and kisses. Be prepared for a face full of Skittles fur if you oblige!
sib and balooz
Baloo & Sibyl (2 yrs)
When I first met the cats, Baloo reminded me very much of the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). It was not love at first sight and it took time to gain his trust. He reminds me that time and patience is necessary in building any relationship and trust needs to be earned, even if it moves as slowly as one headbutt a day.
Emma & Bowen (1yr 9mths)
It was love at first sight. Emma exuded elegance since day one, from her trots, to the neat curl of her tail around those snowy white paws when sitting. It warms our heart to see her gregariously grooming her feline friends everyday without fail. One special moment with Emma was when she started nibbling my ear. She’s sociable, playful and yet so full of poise.
 File 23-12-15 2 33 36 pm
Jia Jia & Azusa (1yr 8mths)
My best way to destress is by sniffing Jia Jia (“猫吸い Neko-sui” in Japanese). Other cafe cats also smell nice, but Jia Jia’s smell is a bit more special. It’s like freshly baked bread or crisp laundry from the sun. Jia Jia heals my heart in many ways even though it’s not her intention. Like when she is sleeping on my lap or playing fetch – she makes me laugh and happy. Jia Jia and her 12 friends are very precious to me after working here for so long.
File 23-12-15 2 35 58 pm
Mr White & Sarah (1yr 4mths)
I’ve always felt a certain affinity with black cats and was instantly drawn to Mr White. Though he’s a big boy, he possesses such a patient and adorable personality! I love hearing his happy high-pitched meows as I pat him on his favourite spot and how he flops to his side, allowing you to give him a nice belly scratch! The cutest thing about Mr White is how he shows affection by literally hugging his feline and human friends with his arms.
File 24-12-15 6 21 58 pm
Miley & Esther (1 yr)
I feel like I can somewhat relate to Miley on a personal level, as both of us tend to get misunderstood as being “anti-social”. Miley has a multi-faceted personality – she can be playful, curious, assertive and is perfectly capable of showing affection on her own terms. It was nothing short of inspiring to witness her taking the leap (literally) onto the highest cat tower despite her short limbs. Miley possesses more courage than what a scaredy-cat like myself could ever hope to have, and I look forward to more valuable life lessons from her and my 12 other furry friends.
File 23-12-15 2 32 33 pm
Demi & Jhosy (4 mths)
The first time Demi belly-flopped, I tried to take a picture while patting her—only to have her shove my phone hand aside as though rebuking, “Pay attention to me!” Indeed, the times when she greeted me with her cheery sandpaper squeak, or teased me with her windshield wiper tail could only have been savoured there and then. Amidst our obsession with chasing and capturing picture-perfect instances, Demi showed me instead the beauty of living wholly in these moments.
File 24-12-15 11 27 13 pm
Kai Kai & Sue (founder)
This ginger purring machine is the sweetest of the lot. Every cafe cat is won over by his genuine and likable nature  - they readily oblige when Kai Kai wants to snuggle or play. Even when bullied, he just backs away without a fight and doesn’t hold grudges. If more people in the world are like Kai Kai, there will be peace on earth.
File 23-12-15 2 38 30 pmRobbie & Sam (founder)
It’s hard to talk about Robbie without touching on his appearance. Few people have ever seen a local domestic shorthair that’s also a classic tabby. Or a tail that’s only an inch away from resembling a Manx. But the real magic lies deep beneath his silky fur. For Robbie is on a journey from boyhood to manhood, a journey that sees him make new friends and grow in confidence. It is a journey that’s a joy to watch and a privilege to be a part of.
[25 December 2015]

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