Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”)

By participating in any activities in the Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (“The Cafe”), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the Cafe Rules prescribed on its website, (collectively the “Terms”, which may be varied by The Cafe at any time at its sole discretion). As part of accepting the Terms, you may be required to sign a release and indemnity form upon entering The Cafe and any failure to do so shall entitle The Cafe at its sole discretion to deny you entry into The Cafe.

1. No other AnimalsYou are not allowed to bring any other animals into The Cafe.

2. Age Requirements:

2.1   No child(ren) below the age of 7 are allowed into the space (the “Cat Space”) where the resident cat(s) (the “Cats”) are housed within The Cafe. Child(ren) over the age of 7 but under the age of 14 may enter the Cat Space on the strict condition that they shall be supervised by an adult at all times due to safety reasons. For clarity, the supervising adult is required to pay for his/her admission ticket.

2.2   Youths over the age of 14 years old may enter The Cafe without adult supervision but this shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of their parent and/or guardian.

2.3   The parent, guardian and/or supervising adult shall be solely responsible to decide the ratio of the number of adults to children, taking into account the number of child(ren), their age and behaviour and any other relevant factors but subject always to the final decision and approval of The Cafe.

2.4   The Cafe shall have the right to require the provision of a document (to the satisfaction of The Cafe) evidencing photographic identity and proof of age of any child(ren) prior to permitting entry into The Cafe. Failure to provide such document shall entitle The Cafe to deny entry to such child(ren).

3. Variations to booking capacity: The Cafe reserves the right to vary or cancel any prices, booking capacity, events, programmes and any terms relating to the participation in The Cafe at any time without prior notice to you.

4. Conditions of entry: Admission to The Cafe is subject to compliance with the Terms at all times. The Cafe shall be entitled at its sole discretion to deny entry to you and/or remove you from The Cafe at any time if in the sole opinion of the staff and management at The Cafe that you have breached any of the Cafe Rules or the Terms, or adversely affecting the enjoyment of The Cafe by others or the safety of the Cats. Cat abusers will be reported to the police pursuant to Section 42 of the Animal and Birds Act (Chapter 7) as amended by the Animal and Birds Act (Amendment) Act 2014.

5.  Release, Waiver and Indemnity:

5.1   When interacting with the Cats at The Cafe, you agree and acknowledge there are inherent risks and hazards, potential or otherwise involved including risks of bites, scratches or otherwise which cause losses (including indirect or consequential losses), death, personal injury, disease, allergies, illness, discomfort, pain or suffering, property damage and/or any other damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, to you, your child(ren), your other invitee(s), your property and/or the property of others whether caused by any intentional or negligent act, fault and/or omission by (i) the Cats, The Cafe and/or its directors, shareholders, agents, owners, employees,  independent contractors, insurers, successors, assigns, legal representatives (collectively the “Cafe Indemnitees”) and (ii) any other customer or person at The Cafe (collectively the “Losses”) while participating in any activities within The Cafe.

5.2   Except as specified in the Terms and except to the maximum extent permitted by law, The Cafe has no liability to you. You agree not to hold The Cafe responsible for all Losses incurred while participating in the activities within The Cafe and you, your child(ren) and/or your other invitee voluntarily assume all the risks of such Losses.

5.3   You further acknowledge that you, your child(ren) and/or your other invitee(s) have no physical or emotional issue(s), including, but not limited to, any allergies, which would adversely affect our ability to interact with the Cats in a safe and appropriate manner and that the staff and management of The Cafe may (but are not responsible and/or obliged to) administer any drugs or medication (including without limitation, plasters or antihistamines) to you, your child(ren), your other invitee(s) in the event of such risks arising (which you hereby acknowledge shall not be due to any fault and/or negligence of the staff and management of The Cafe).

5.4   In accordance with Clauses 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 above, you fully agree, understand and acknowledge that:-

5.4.1   you are fully aware of all risks of Losses and agree that all such Losses are solely borne by you, your children(s) and/or your other invitee(s) and the Cafe Indemnitees are not liable for, and you release and discharge each Cafe Indemnitee from, all any claims, threats, demands, suits (whether issued or instituted by a company or any other person or entity), assessments, judgments, demands, suits, proceedings, arbitrations, fines, deficiencies, penalties, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees on a solicitor and client basis, medical costs, disbursements, goods and services taxes or any other duties or taxes), whether arising out of tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise (the “Claims”) suffered by you and/or any other third parties relating to any Losses as a direct or indirect result of participating in any activities at The Cafe;

5.4.2   you hold each Cafe Indemnitee harmless and shall indemnify and keep indemnified (on a full indemnity basis) each Café Indemnitee from and against all Claims relating to any Losses as a direct or indirect result of you, your children(s) and/or your other invitee participating in the activities at The Cafe; and

5.4.3   you have agreed not to seek any Claims or legal recourse or lodge any complaints or post any negative reviews on any public websites for any Claims or Losses and you acknowledge that The Cafe reserves all rights to seek any Claims for all losses (including without limitation, any indirect or consequential losses), property damage and/or any other damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, directly or indirectly, by any intentional or negligent act, fault and/or omission of you, your child(ren) and/or your other invitee(s).

6. Errors: While The Cafe takes all reasonable care to ensure that all prices and information on this website are correct, sometimes errors may occur and The Cafe has the right in its sole discretion to cancel any bookings made as a result of any error.