Taylor would have been our 14th cafe cat

02 Jun 2015, Tuesday
We love you Taylor

We love you Taylor

Many people ask why we have 13 cats – is it a lucky number? Well, it wasn’t deliberate and we are now ready to tell the story.

We had originally planned for 15 cafe cats. The two cats that didn’t make it to join the rest at the cafe were Taylor and Jean.

Taylor (Swift) is this pretty lady in the video. Taylor, together with Demi and Miley, came from the same shelter – overcrowded and dirty with little chance of human interaction. Taylor was the only cat who bellyflopped at our feet and we knew she would be good with people.

Coming from a multi-cat environment, we were also not worried about her getting along with other cats. Strangely, two months after staying with our fosterer who had other cats of her own, she started exhibiting aggressive behaviour and had even caused injury to the other cats.

We took Taylor home to try to integrate her with some of our cafe cats but her aggressiveness never abated. Gradually the other cats began to fear her and there was constant tension in the air. It was clear to us that she wasn’t a good fit for the team. We decided then to make sure she was properly re-homed.

I remember vividly when we brought her to her new home, she walked confidently out of her carrier and explored every corner of the house. Satisfied that she would be the (only) Queen of the house, she settled down and made herself very comfortable.

It has been 1.5 years since and this video of her was just taken last week. She is happy, relaxed and looking all regal and beautiful (despite her badly tipped left ear). We did alot of research into Taylor’s behaviour – why she would suddenly be intolerant of other cats.

We believe it was most likely due to social maturity. Cats reach sexual maturity between 4 – 12 months but reach social maturity considerably later, between 2 to 4 years of age. Much like human adolescence, social maturity is the prime time for cats to jockey for social positions. This may cause subtle and not-so-subtle shifting in the pecking order of the feline hierarchy. This can be a time when a cat feels more confident and views an opportunity to elevate its status.

By separating Taylor from the other cafe cats, she is happier and the rest of the 13 kitties are happy too. As you can see, Taylor is now mighty boss-like in her one-cat household. She follows her human daddy everywhere around the house (and even waits outside the toilet for him) and kneads him EVERY NIGHT. What a character.

We love you Taylor.

[June 2015]

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