Team 猫の庭 visits St John Island’s cats

16 Dec 2014, Tuesday

St John's Island cats

It was more than four months ago that a CWS volunteer raised an alert on the neglected St John Island’s cats​. Since then, much has been done to rally the public for volunteers and donation of food. Team 猫の庭 visited the island cats yesterday, equipped with 30kg of FirstMate kibbles and basic medical supplies. Prior to the visit, we had FB PMed SJI cats to check if it was ok for us to feed the cats (incase there was already a routine in place), attend to cats that need basic medical attention (cleaning or dressing of wounds), check where to store the excess food and what is the protocol for medical emergencies.

There are more than 50 cats on the island, all of them were hungry and thirsty, most are friendly and crave human attention. We spotted one cat that had an open wound, dressed it and reported to SJI cats. They already have plans to bring that particular cat back to mainland for treatment.

We would like share the following tips from our experience if you are planning a visit to St John:
1. Bring water and food for the cats. Excess cat food can be stored in the workers’ dormitory (next to the mosque) where they have agreed to help feed the cats with.
2. Bring disposable plates and bowls and clean up after feeding because big black ants do get to them very quickly and wet food turn bad fast on this hot and humid island.
3. If you are confident to approach and handle cats, bring basic medical supplies such as antiseptic solution and cotton pads to clean raw wounds. The workers on the island would have the necessary medication for administering.
4. If you spot any cats that require emergency medical attention, please inform SJI cats via FB PM.
5. The caretakers (foreign workers) of the island and cats, live in a very basic dormitory and we feel that perhaps, it would be nice to show our appreciation by bringing some gifts of snacks and drinks to these workers.
6. Pack a quick and easy lunch and water for hydration. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent.
7. Take lots of photos for social media sharing! Hopefully, that will bring more visitors to the island to help the cats!

More pictures of the beautiful cats on St. John’s Island in our Facebook album here.

[December 2014]

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