We are deeply heartened to have met several like-minded people who believed in our passion and mission. The generosity of these organisations have been simply invaluable. Thank you for making Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa possible!


Young Again Pet Food (Mar 2016 to current)

Young Again was the first to produce a 50% meat-based protein cat food with less than 6% carbs containing no plant proteins and are grain-free. Cats are obligate carnivores and by definition have no nutritional need for carbohydrates. The only species-appropriate food for cats is comprised of animal protein and fat. Mice, one of nature’s perfect foods, consist of 50-56% protein, 22-27% fat, and 3-6% carbs on a dry matter basis. Young Again Cat food matches this profile exactly. Corn, rice, veggies, fruits or carbs in excess of 6% have no place in a healthy cat’s total diet.

When our 16 cats (13 in the café and 3 at home) switched to Young Again Mature Health, we saw dramatic improvement in their water intake and energy levels. 3 of our 16 cats have recurring Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and we are happy to report that there have not been a single recurrence since our switch in December 2015. Read our full testimonial here.


FirstMate Pet Foods (Aug 2013 to Mar 2016)

Premium Canadian grain-free and gluten-free cat food formula that is high in protein (min. 42%) and low in carbs – just the way obligate carnivores like it! FirstMate is known for their single protein (only free run chicken or wild pacific ocean fish) formula which allows for easy digestion and a reduced chance of allergic reaction. Along with all that natural goodness, our cats also benefit from FirstMate’s addition of comprehensive vitamins, minerals and supplements. 

We made sure to start our rescued cafe cats on FirstMate from August 2013, before we opened our cafe to the public in December. This is because we recognised that a high quality, high protein diet is necessary as early as possible, especially when many of them were still kittens. With FirstMate, our kittens were able to maximise their growth potential, even though most of them were rescued from the streets. Kai Kai, Jia Jia, Mr White and Dewey were only 4 months when they started on FirstMate and they have now grown longer and taller than an average domestic shorthair cat. Customers are also amazed by the soft and silky fur on our cats which is a perfect testimonial of their high quality, high protein FirstMate diet.



GOOOD Pet Collars

GOOOD Pet Collars promises not only to provide lovely things for your darling pets but also aims to help the less fortunate animals too. Handmade from 100% cotton, each adorable cat collar comes with a safety buckle and a pledge that 5 cans of cat food will be donated to Animal Lovers League. Our cafe cats look absolutely stunning in the Dapper, Scarf and Rounded Bows. Thank you for dressing up our kitties!


Furry Photos

Furry Photos by Nicholas Lee, is the Official Photographer for our cafe cats’ profile shots. Nicholas has a natural affinity with pets and was able to capture the uniqueness of each cat – their personalities and quirks, through his lens. Furry Photos specialises in location shoots away from the confines of a studio, capturing candid and spontaneous memories of your best friend/pet/furkid/soulmate (or friends).