Fees & Menu

To keep our cats happy and healthy, a time-based fee will be charged to cover the cost of their lodging, regular grooming and medical. Some cats take time to warm up to people and therefore a minimum stay of 1 hour is necessary to fully appreciate the environment we have created.

Fee Menu

Cuddle Charge (per person)

1st hour: S$12
Next 1/2 hour: S$5
3-Hour Special: S$24*
Whole Day Pass: S$32*

*Students get a FREE Hot Chocolate with these long stay rates, please show your student pass.

Long stay rates cannot be applied to group bookings. Please call 6536 5319 to make a reservation. 

Drinks & desserts (optional)

Canned drinks & juices: From S$2.00
Fruit smoothies: From S$3.50
Premium coffee & tea: From S$2.50
Desserts from artisanal bakers: From S$3.50


Cash & NETS only. No service charge. No GST.

Please note that no children below the age of 7 are allowed into the cat space. Children over the age of 7 but under the age of 14 may enter the Cat Space on the strict condition that they shall be supervised by an adult at all times due to safety reasons. We have the right to require the provision of a photographic identity as proof of age of any children prior to permitting entry. Full Terms & Conditions can be found here.



Fee Menu


最初の1時間: S$12
その後30分毎: S$5
3時間コース: S$24*
1日コース: S$32*


ソフトドリンク&ジュース: S$2から
フルーツスムージー: S$3.50から
プレミアムコーヒー&ティー: S$2.50から
ローカルパティシエによる手作りケーキ: S$3.50から