Emma, did you have a sister?

16 Jul 2015, Thursday
Emma grooming Luna grooming Kai Kai

Emma grooming Luna grooming Kai Kai

Today, I saw a picture of a litter of newborn kittens sleeping together and suddenly a lump came to my throat.

I realised that while we have 3 pairs of siblings, the other 7 cafe cats do not have their brothers or sisters with them here.

Jia Jia and Kai Kai were found in a flooded canal, but we are not sure if they had more siblings lost in the deep waters. Dewey and Mr White survived a really bad episode of flu virus but their siblings, Mia and Tiger, didn’t. Muffet and Baloo had two more siblings who found homes before them because they were not black and white.

We know for a fact that Robbie had a ginger tabby sister. But she was killed by a car while Robbie was too scared to move from the rubbish dump that they were abandoned in.

Brown Monkey and Emma were both found in the streets of Geylang and they must have had siblings who are as gorgeous and playful as them. We wonder the same about Demi, Luna, Skittles and Miley. We don’t know how many siblings they had or if they survived. But we hope they are doing well and keeping safe somewhere.

Our 13 cafe cats have been together for the last two years now and most of them, although alone, have come to accept each other as a member of the family. It’s such a joy to watch these 6 brothers and 7 sisters play, groom and snuggle together. #adoptdontshop

[July 2015]

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