Celebrating a UTI-free year

27 Mar 2017, Monday
A BIG THANK YOU to Can & Clover for bringing in Young Again Cat Food (YA) when we were searching for a high protein and low phosphorus dry food.
Photo 12-3-17, 2 02 23 PMExactly one year ago on 28 March 2016, we started our 13 cafe cats on YA Mature Health. The transition was smooth – all 13 cats took to YA readily and none had diarrhea even though the switch was immediate. It was particularly for Muffet and our home cat Rei that we made the switch because they suffered from recurring Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).
When we adopted Muffet in October 2013, she already had chronic UTI and she was only 5 years old. Due to the pain in her bladder, she constantly groomed her lower belly into an angry red rash. She would often pee out of the litterbox and sometimes pee blood. This resulted in several vet visits, which she hated, and many rounds of antibiotics and steroid. Medication gave temporary relief but didn’t prevent the condition from surfacing every 2 to 3 months.
We tried several supplements – probiotics, D-Mannose, glucosamine, even an established herbal supplement from the UK. But nothing seemed to help. We struggled with Muffet’s recurring UTI for more than two years until Can & Clover brought in the revolutionary Young Again Cat Food from US.
Photo 23-6-16, 5 36 10 PMPhoto 25-2-17, 11 21 50 PM
Since the switch, Muffet has not had any episodes for the whole year! She now drinks more (despite being on a dry kibble only diet), plays more and pees healthily! We are so glad that bloody pee and emergency trips to the vet are now a thing of the past. More importantly, we are so glad that she is not suffering anymore. You can see from the photo below that her belly is still pink. This is evident of the almost lifetime condition that she had well before we adopted her. The constant over-grooming because of the pain in her bladder left her belly bald. Now that she doesn’t have to struggle with UTI anymore, her belly is covered with a layer of fine down – finally her fur is growing back!
File 27-3-17, 4 22 53 PMPhoto 25-2-17, 11 37 52 AM 
More information and sample packs of Young Again Cat Food are available at our cafe, please speak with us if you would like to find out more. 
NOTE: Young Again is not a miracle food and has strict usage guidelines for it to be effective for UTI, diabetes and weight loss. This is not a prescription diet and is beneficial for healthy cats too. Young Again Cat Food is available on www.canclover.com
Photo 31-1-17, 1 14 52 PMFile 27-3-17, 4 24 48 PM

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