Cafe Cats

At Neko no Niwa, we believe in giving abandoned and stray cats a home. We adopted all of our café cats in 2013 and opened in the same year on Christmas Day. Cats are just like humans, each have very different personalities and preferences. We encourage you to find out more about them below. All our cats have been sterilised, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Photo Credit: Furry Photos Pet Photography

Kai Kai (brother of Jia Jia) Kai Kai (brother of Jia Jia)

Name: Kai Kai (brother of Jia Jia)
Age & gender: 7 year old, boy
Type: Mackerel ginger tabby

Kai Kai is real attention seeker and purrs like a cooing pigeon when stroked! He is also the quintessential greedy cat so watch your food when he is around.

Brother and sister were rescued from a flooded canal in pouring rain along Bukit Timah Rd when they were barely 3 months old. They were found around the same time the pandas arrived in Singapore from China, which explains their names.

Jia Jia (sister of Kai Kai) Jia Jia (sister of Kai Kai)

Name: Jia Jia (sister of Kai Kai)
Age & gender: 7 year old, female
Type: Tortieshell tabby

Jia Jia loves toes, fingers, laps and desserts – in no particular order. This greedy girl should not be eating human food of course, so please watch your desserts when she is around. These two sunshines were rescued from a flooded canal in pouring rain along Bukit Timah Rd.

Emma Emma

Name: Emma
Age & gender: 8 year old, female
Type: Pure white (Possible Khao Manee)

Her striking blue eyes are simply gorgeous. Emma is a rare find – only 15% of all white cats with blue eyes are not deaf. She’s a sweet darling who makes friends easily and loves grooming other cats.

Brown Monkey Brown Monkey

Name: Brown Monkey
Age & gender: 8 years old, male
Type: Sealpoint (Possible Siamese-Tonkinese)

Brown Monkey loves head butts and chin rubs. Don’t be surprised when he belly flops for you! Monkey was found in the streets of Geylang, just like Emma. He has the most beautiful turquoise eyes and squeaks like a monkey when rubbed in the right spots.

Robbie Robbie

Name: Robbie
Age & gender: 7 year old, male
Type: Dark grey classic tabby

This handsome boy was found in a rubbish dump in Pasir Ris when he was a kitten.

In the beginning, Robbie was skittish, afraid of humans and because he wasn’t raised by his mother, was awkward with other cats. After much patience and socialising, he is now a confident cat and loves playing with Skittles and Kai Kai. He also gives headbutts to humans when fresh out of his naps. Tip: put your head down close to the floor.

Skittles Skittles

Name: Skittles
Age & gender: 7 year old, female
Type: Ticked tabby

Skittles is awfully smart – she can open cages and figure out puzzles quickly. She is also highly athletic and so very approachable. All the right qualities for a purrfect girl, wouldn’t you say? Her favourite sparring partners are Emma and Robbie. She also loves chin and body rubs from humans.

Little Miss Muffet (sister of Baloo) Little Miss Muffet (sister of Baloo)

Name: Little Miss Muffet (sister of Baloo)
Age & gender: 11 years old, female
Type: Tuxedo, Maine Coon & Ragdoll cross

Little Miss Muffet and brother Baloo were the products of two pedigrees that were not sold as kittens and were banished to the back of a pet shop. There they sat in neglect, with only cockroaches as companions.

Although already an adult, Muffet still likes to play with a string toy when not watching the world go by.

Baloo (brother of Muffet) Baloo (brother of Muffet)

Name: Baloo (brother of Muffet)
Age & gender: 11 years old, male
Type: Mostly black, Maine Coon & Ragdoll cross

Baloo is the largest and heaviest of the cafe cats. This gentle giant lumbers around like a mammoth with his shaggy fur and greets his fellow felines (and humans) with a head butt.

Luna Luna

Name: Luna
Age & gender: 8 years old, female
Type: Tortoiseshell

Luna has a cute bunny tail and you will find her either snuggling up or playfighting with the other cats. She was rescued from the Ubi industrial area where she was found eating chicken rice, drinking coke and covered in oily soot.

Miley Miley

Name: Miley
Age & gender: 10 years old, female
Type: Diluted tortoiseshell (Possible Chinchilla Persian)

Miley is still very fearful of a raised human hand and we suspect that she may have been abused in the past. It might take awhile for her to warm up to you but a gentle massage between her shoulders or a good brushing will put her at ease. Miley and Demi were adopted from the same shelter.

Demi Demi

Name: Demi
Age & gender: 10 years old, female
Type: Light grey classic tabby (Possible British Shorthair)

Demi has a plush, silvery coat with a pair of angel wings. Don’t be fooled by her fierce face and gravelly voice, she is a sweetie who just wants head and chin rubs. From a bony cat in the shelter, Demi has put on quite a bit of weight and even has a jellybelly!




Kai Kai (brother of Jia Jia) カイカイ (ジャージャーの兄弟)

名前: カイカイ (ジャージャーの兄弟)
年齢と性別: 7歳 オス
特徴: 茶トラ猫



Jia Jia (sister of Kai Kai) ジャージャー

名前: ジャージャー
年齢と性別: 7 歳 メス
特徴: 三毛猫


Emma エマ

名前: エマ
年齢と性別: 8 歳 メス
特徴: 白猫、 カオマニ(おそらく)


Brown Monkey ブラウンモンキー

名前: ブラウンモンキー
年齢と性別: 8 歳 オス
特徴: ポインテッド、 シャムとトンキニーズのミックス(おそらく)


Robbie ロビー

名前: ロビー
年齢と性別: 7 歳 オス
特徴: ダークグレーの縞模様


当初ロビーはすごく怖がりで人間ともあまりなじみがなく母親と一緒に育っていないため、他の猫たちと距離がうまくとれず仲良くなるまで難しい状態でした。我慢強さと社交性を身につけたロビーは、みんなに優しい猫になりました。スキットルとカイカイと遊ぶのが大好きです。ロビーは昼寝から起きた直後は、人間に自分の頭をコツンとあてて挨拶する時があります。挨拶のコツ: 頭を床に低く近づけ、"ロビー"と呼んでみてください。

Skittles スキットル

名前: スキットル
年齢と性別: 7 歳 メス
特徴: チェックの縞模様


Little Miss Muffet (sister of Baloo) リトルミスマフェット(バルーの姉妹)

名前: リトルミスマフェット(バルーの姉妹)
年齢と性別: 11 歳 メス
特徴: 白黒、メインクーンとラグドールのミックス



Baloo (brother of Muffet) バルー(リトルミスマフェットの兄弟)

名前: バルー(リトルミスマフェットの兄弟)
年齢と性別: 11 歳 オス
特徴: 黒猫、メインクーンとラグドールのミックス


Luna ルナ

名前: ルナ
年齢と性別: 8 歳 メス
特徴: 三毛猫


Miley マイリー

名前: マイリー
年齢と性別: 10 歳 メス
特徴: 色の薄い長毛の三毛猫、チンチラペルシャ(おそらく)


Demi デミ

名前: デミ
年齢と性別: 10 歳 メス
特徴: 明るいグレーの縞模様、ブリティッシュショートヘア(おそらく)