Adopting a cat with FIV/FeLV

11 Jul 2019, Thursday

Yesterday, Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa hosted a talk by VetMobile about adopting FIV & FeLV cats. Many who attended the talk have or had FIV/FeLV cats and want to do better for them.

Given the right diet and environmental conditions, it is possible for these cats to lead full lives. For many years, shelters would euthanize these cats due to their compromised immunity and fear of the virus spreading. But, things are changing! As shelters worldwide (including SPCA) move towards a zero-kill goal, we should also give these furbabies a chance at life by better equipping ourselves to provide for their special needs. Dr Angeline Yang & Zheng Hao, founders of VetMobile, have an FeLV cat and know the challenges and misconceptions these cats facing when looking for a home.

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FIV & FeLV cats might need more care in the long run, but are just like any other cats and have alot of love to give. With this talk, we hope that FIV & FeLV cats can be accepted into more homes and hearts.

Dr Yang talked about when and how to identify if a cat is a virus carrier as well as how to manage their diet, lifestyle and environment. More importantly, how to integrate them into your homes, if you have non-FIV/FeLV cats. Listen to our podcast here.

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