Our Story

Marbles Marbles, RIP 7 April 2012

When Sue walked into Sam’s life with Marbles, things changed. Sam realised just how precious cats can be. At that time, Marbles was an old fart in cat years – 12 years old but such a darling. He never failed to greet Sam and Sue at the door when they reached home. He will then spend five whole minutes complaining about his day. When it was time for bed, Marbles would mould himself around Sue’s head on the pillow – he was Sue’s Russian hat every night. Sam formed a very special bond with Marbles who responded to his calls and especially when it was “Pat-pat time!”, Marbles’ favourite pat-massage game.

Our Experience

After visiting several cat cafes in Japan, Sam and Sue wanted to bring the same experience to Singapore. They are firm proponents of cat therapy and the indescribable joy and relaxation that it comes with. In fact, they witnessed in Japan how a customer entered a cat cafe only to sit in a comfortable chair, close his eyes and soak in all that positively soothing kitty energy – a power cat nap!

What is a Cat Cafe?

A cat cafe is like a regular cafe, except that it is full of cats! These cafe cats are free to roam in an interaction space where they eat, sleep and play. For an hourly fee, customers can enter this space to play and groom the cats, or just enjoy the therapeutic environment.  

Our Message

While cat cafes in Japan, Korea and Bangkok usually feature only pedigreed cats, Sam and Sue made a decision to only adopt cats for their cafe. This is their message – Adopt, don’t buy!

All cats deserved to be loved, what more the homeless and abandoned ones? They want to show that non-pedigreed cats can be beautiful and affectionate companions.

With more than 15 years of cat care experience behind them, Sam and Sue want to share the joy and knowledge of cat ownership which seem to be lacking in Singapore. Myths like ‘cats are dirty, noisy and aloof’ can’t be further from the truth. The only way to dispel such myths is to create an opportunity for people to spend time with cats and experience for themselves what lovely, responsive and intelligent companions cats can be.

With Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (Japanese for ‘Cat Garden’), Sam and Sue take their first step towards changing mindsets.

Our Cafe Cats

Of the many rescued cats Sam and Sue have met, these cafe cats proved to be real superstars!

Only cats with personalities suited for a cat cafe lifestyle were picked. This lifestyle means lots of human attention, lots of playing, and lots of other cats. Our cats eat, sleep and play in the cafe. Read more about them and their quirkiness here!


Marbles Marbles, RIP 7 April 2012

スーがマーブル(猫)と共にサムと人生を歩み出した時、生活が一変しました。サムは実感したのです。猫がいる生活がこんなにすばらしいとは! マーブルはその時すでに12歳、でもとてもかわいい猫。マーブルは、スーとサムが家に帰った時も全然出迎えてもくれません。でも帰ったら1日あったことを5分ずっと話し続けます。寝る時はスーの枕にぴったりくっついています(マーブルはまるでロシアの毛皮帽のよう!)。




猫たちとの15年以上共にした経験を元に、サムとスーは猫を飼うことへの知識、情報が少ないシンガポールで猫を飼う喜びや知識をシェアしたいと考えました。よく猫たちを 猫は汚い、うるさい、心を打ち解けない など言われますが、それは事実とはほど遠いのです! 猫カフェを作り、猫たちと過ごす機会を提供することにより、猫の愛らしさ、反応の速さ、かしこさを体験してもらい、これらの考えを払拭していくことができると思っています。

猫カフェ ねこの庭 で猫たちへの考え方を変える最初のステップにしたいと思います。



猫カフェのライフスタイルに合った猫だけを集めました。猫カフェに合うライフスタイルとは、人間好きであること、遊ぶことが好きなこと、ほかの猫たちのことが好きであることです。 猫カフェの猫はカフェ内で食べて、飲んで遊んでと生活をしています。