What do these 7 beauties have in common?

18 Oct 2015, Sunday

Can you guess what these 7 cats have in common? 

Left to Right: Jia Jia, Monkey, Emma, Skittles, Mr White, Dewey and Kai Kai.

Left to Right: Jia Jia, Monkey, Emma, Skittles, Mr White, Dewey and Kai Kai.

All of them were from a single fosterer. That’s right, more than half of our cafe cats were from this one amazing lady who have dedicated more than 30 years of her life to feeding and rescuing cats from all corners of Singapore, fostering and rehoming them. 
When we first spoke to her about opening the first cat cafe in Singapore back in March 2013, she encouraged and helped us in many ways. She generously shared her knowledge on cat grooming, medication, behaviour and integration. 
More importantly, she recommended these 7 cats to us for their personalities and suitability for a cat cafe environment. After we integrated all 13 cats, it was clear that she was spot on – the cats from her were a perfect fit. We are forever grateful for her trust, support and mentoring. 
She is almost 80 years old but still she carries on with her community cat feeding, sending the sick and unsterilised to the vet, nursing them back to health and watching them find new homes with joy. She has more than 50 cats who need homes now and you can get to know them by following Keep Cats, a FB page created by volunteers who want to help this old lady through social media. Please like, follow and share! Together, we can help more rescued and abandoned cats find new homes. 
18 October 2015

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