10 facts about Cat Cafes

03 Nov 2015, Tuesday
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1. The first ever cat cafe started in Taipei in 1998 – 17 years ago. 
2. You can’t bring your own cats (or dogs) but you can enjoy the company of resident cafe cats.
3. Traditionally popular in North Asia, cat cafes can now be found in South Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. 
4. Cat cafes in expensive cities like Tokyo, London, New York, Sydney and Singapore charge a time-based fee to cover rent, vet bills, 24hr utilities, wages and more. 
5. Recent cat cafes around the world, including ours, feature rescued and abandoned cats (instead of pedigrees) to promote adoption.
6. Because cafe cats are tame and sociable, this is probably the best place to start if you want to overcome your fear of cats. 
7. Cat therapy has been proven to reduce stress and improve your mood – consider a visit to a cat cafe instead of a massage next time!
8. The cat cafe with the highest age restriction is Nekokaigi in Kyoto, Japan – you must be 13 years old before you can enter. 
9. Cat cafes appeal to people who can’t keep cats at home as well as those who have cats.
10. In Japan, where there are more than 200 cat cafes, one in particular has only black cats. We applaud Nekobiyaka Kuroneko in Himeiji for loving black cats!

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